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Civil Engineer Surveying

construction GROUP


Millennium understands the pressures in the construction industry. We pride ourselves in delivering timely and accurate services. 


We utilize the right people and the right tools at the right time to meet your construction needs. 


By choosing the right technology from our toolbox, Millennium can efficiently complete your construction needs within the required accuracies. 

Services Provided:

  • Pre-engineering/Existing Condition Surveys

  • Property line surveys

  • Establish/Validate Horizontal and Vertical Control Monuments

  • Pile and Grid Line layout

  • Earthwork Surveys and volume determination

  • Utility Layout with Grade Sheets

  • Road, Curb, Gutter layout

  • Shoring pile layout and monitoring

  • Deformation Surveys

  • As-built Surveys

  • RPR

  • UAV mapping for volumes and construction progress reporting

  • 3D laser Scanning

  • Machine Guidance file creation and field verification

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