Millennium Geomatics Pipeline Group provides professional geomatic services to our clients in three business units that covers the full life cycle of our client’s pipeline system. This consists of Pipeline Design, Pipeline Construction, and Pipeline Operations and Maintenance. By following Millennium Geomatics industry leading safety program, work processes, and project controls, all our work is performed with safety and quality at the forefront. Furthermore, stringent project controls are established and enforced to manage costs and ensure we continually meet or exceed our clients', and all respective interface groups' expectations.

Pipeline Design Surveys

From route selection and regulatory applications through to the final registration of your legal survey plans, Millennium Geomatics has the know-how to handle all your project Pipeline Design survey requirements. Our Pipeline Group's survey experience, methodology, and operational excellence is tested, accurate and true. We implement innovative solutions and utilize the latest technology on all pipeline design survey projects regardless of size.  All our workflows and procedures are developed and executed with safety, quality, and project controls at the forefront to provide quality products and services. The Pipeline Design survey business unit is separated into nine primary survey functions: 

  • Pipeline Regulatory Support and Route Selection.

  • Pipeline LIDAR and Orthometric Photography UAV Surveys

  • Pipeline Regulatory Mapping.

  • Pipeline Infrastructure and Cadastral Base Mapping.

  • Pipeline Survey Construction Plans.

  • Pipeline Design Field Survey.

  • Pipeline Facility Surveys.

  • Pipeline Legal Surveys.

  • Pipeline Design Data Management and Note Consolidation.

Work procedures, workflows, quality management procedures, and deliverables are documented and executed for each secondary survey function to satisfy your project specifications and requirements. All Pipeline Design surveys are carried out under the direct supervision of a Professional Land Surveyor to ensure we meet all regulatory and legal survey specifications.

Pipeline Construction Surveys

From ROW staking and topographical surveys through to the final commissioning of our client’s pipeline project, Millennium Geomatics has the experience to manage and execute all your project Pipeline Construction survey requirements. Our Pipeline Group's survey experience, methodology, and operational excellence is tested, accurate and true. We add innovative solutions and utilize the latest technology we can tackle all Pipeline Construction survey projects regard-

less of size.  All our workflows and procedures are

developed and executed with safety, quality, and project

controls at the forefront to provide quality products and

services. The Pipeline Construction survey business unit
is separated into nine primary survey functions:

  • Pipeline Topographical Surveys and ROW Staking.

  • Pipeline Land Support Surveys.

  • Pipeline Environmental Design Layout Surveys.

  • Pipeline Row Clearing and Grading Surveys.

  • Pipeline HDD Crossing Support Surveys.

  • Pipeline Asbuilt Surveys.

  • Pipeline Facility Asbuilt Surveys.

  • Pipeline Commissioning Surveys.

  • Pipeline Construction Asbuilt Data and Survey Notes


Work procedures, workflows, quality procedures and

deliverables are documented and executed for each

secondary survey function to cover all our clients' survey

specifications and requirements. All Pipeline

Construction surveys are fully executed by top-notch

project managers, survey crews and survey technologists, thoroughly experienced in the construction of a new pipeline.

Pipeline Operations and Maintenance Surveys

From the time that a new pipeline is commissioned and placed into service a pipeline company will have in place a Pipeline Integrity Management System (PIMS) to ensure the safe and efficient operations of its pipeline systems. This also includes older pipelines that were placed into service prior to a PIMS being developed. Millenniums Geomatics Pipeline Group has developed survey products and services around primary survey functions that support the construction and implementation of operational upgrades to improve on the efficiency of how a pipeline operates and the maintenance of a pipeline which maintains and improves upon the safe operation of a pipeline system. The Pipeline Operations and Maintenance (O & M) survey business unit is separated into nine primary survey functions:

  • Pipeline Inline Inspection Dig Site Surveys.

  • Pipeline Ground Disturbance Surveys.

  • Pipeline Depth of Cover Surveys. 

  • Pipeline Facility Installations Surveys.

  • Pipeline Cathodic Protection Surveys.

  • Pipeline Abandonment Surveys.

  • Pipeline Slope Stability Surveys.

  • Pipeline Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Topographical Surveys.

  • Pipeline Class Upgrade Analysis and Surveys.

Work procedures, workflows, quality procedures and deliverables are documented and executed for each secondary survey function to cover all our clients survey specifications and requirements. All pipeline O & M surveys are managed and executed by project managers, survey crews and survey technologists experienced in providing survey services to the operation and maintenance  of pipeline whether it has just been placed into service or it has been in service for many years.

Subject Matter Experts:

  • Victor Hut, ALS, CLS: President Millennium Geomatics

  • Wade Pennell, ALS, SLS: Corporate Operations Manager

  • Randy Hudson: Corporate Business Development


  • Completed over 3000 km of Pipeline Route Selection.

  • Completed over 1800 km of Pipeline Design Surveys

  • Completed over 300 km of Construction Asbiult surveys

  • Completed over 2100 ILI Dig Site Surveys

  • Completed over 600 km of Pipeline Depth of Cover Surveys

  • Completed over 9000 Individual Crossing Surveys

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