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Cement Pipes

Municipal development & infrastructure



From initial topographic surveys, tentative plans, and municipal applications to final registered plans and as-builts, Millennium Geomatics can reliably  complete the required field surveys, coordinate & collaborate with all involved parties, and produce the plans & registrations necessary to ensure your project is on time and on budget.



  • Pre-design Topographic Surveys

  • Property Boundary Surveys

  • Tentative Plans

  • Subdivision Plans

  • Consolidation Plans

  • Condominium Plans

  • Right of Way Plans

  • Construction Layout

  • As-built Surveys

  • 3D laser Scanning

  • RPR’s


From pre-engineering topographic surveys to utility location, construction layout to final as-builts, Millennium Geomatics has the expertise and resources necessary to respond to the technical complexities of infrastructure projects in a timely and cost-effective manner.  Our mandate is to ensure your project is a success.



  • Pre-engineer/design Topographic Surveys

  • Establish/verify Horizontal and Vertical control monuments

  • Earthwork surveys and volume calculations

  • Utility locates

  • Deformation and monitoring surveys

  • Machine guidance file setup and field verification

  • Construction layout, with grade sheets if required

  • As-built Surveys

  • 3D laser Scanning

  • RPR’s

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