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Calgary, Alberta

Millennium Geomatics is pleased to announce that, effective July 5th, 2021, they have successfully acquired Northcan Surveys Ltd of Calgary Alberta. This acquisition makes Millennium Geomatics a more significant player in the Western Canadian Geomatics Market. 

“This acquisition is a means to help grow our company, our client base, and the geographic reach of our company. This will help us continue to do more great work, for more great companies, with more great people. Nobody’s current role will be replaced, as this acquisition will create more opportunities for our existing team and our new team members,” says President Victor Hut. “Our Western Canadian infrastructure will allow us to build on the strong foundation laid down by the Northcan Surveys team to deliver greater-than-ever access to services and support.” The Northcan Survey services and operations will be transitioned into the Millennium Geomatics office in Calgary, Alberta. “Bringing together the two great teams is a very exiting next chapter in the Millennium Geomatics story.”

“Joining the Millennium team was not only a fit for Northcan operationally, but the culture is a perfect fit and an important piece for our team.” Northcan Operations Manager, Paul Densmore, shared.

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